Amigos Move sell top quality, strong, cardboard boxes that are essential for protecting goods and products.

We stock a large array of sizes and shapes of cardboard boxes, which all have specific purposes. The double wall boxes would most commonly be used when transporting heavy goods, and the single wall boxes are ideal for general shipping and warehouse uses.

We have many cartons and cardboard boxes in stock that are all available for next day distribution, whilst offering a great value for money on all products.

Number Image Description Size (W x L) Price
1 Double Wall Box - Small 14X10X12 DW £1.60
2 Double Wall Box - Medium 16X16X16 DW £2.45
3 Double Wall Box - Large 20x20x20 DW £3.30
4 Double Wall Box - Extra Large 24X24X24 DW £3.85
5 Double Wall wardrobe box 20x18x48 DW £8.45

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