Tapes & Tape Guns

Amigos provide premium quality tapes with extra adhesion and strength. We have different type of tapes for a variety of purposes, either it's for general packing while you moving your house, or sending parcels abroad. We also provide upgraded design and durable tape guns for larger users to speeds up efficiency while packing.

Number Image Description Size (W x L) Price
1 Cellofix Low Noise Packing Tapes 48mm x 66M £1.80
3 Polyprop Standard Tape 48mm x 66M £2.30
6 Fragile Tapes 48mm x 66M £2.15
10 Vinyl Tapes 48mm x 66M £2.75
13 Masking Tapes 25mm x 50M £1.80
15 Coloured Tapes (Red, Blue, Green, White) 48mm x 66M £1.80
20 Crossweave Tapes 25mm x 50M £2.85
22 Double Sided Tapes 25mm x 50M £2.80
25 Kraft Paper Tapes 50mm x 66M Rolls £3.80
26 Duct Tape (Gaffa Tape) 50mm x 50M £2.40
29 Economy Tape Gun - £8.30

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